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Alana Owlet
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Armed with a degree from SCAD, a sewing machine and a can-do attitude.

Feel free to add me (Alana Owlet) on Facebook for more pictures, in progress costume work and lots of pictures of my cat.
I don't think I've every changed around a con cosplay lineup so much so late in the game but for whatever reason I've only just nailed down my Dragon*Con schedule. Blame new Bioshock DLC, whatever. I've actually got a lot of for real photo shoots scheduled this year, too, which is new and exciting! So here's what I'm dragging along this year.

Friday Morning
Navi, Legend of Zelda - I am so excited for this costume because it's totally absurd how huge this stupid tutu is. My husband and a friend are doing Link and Dark Link so mostly we're just gonna bounce around and have fun with this. I still have to make a sign shaped like a speech bubble and write hey listen! on it but otherwise it's done. Also P.S. if anyone has any idea how to transport a hey listen sign on the plane that would be nifty.

Friday Afternoon/Evening
Lady!Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood - This one has gotten a serious makeover and I'm in the middle of making a coat for it rather than throwing on the thrift store one I grabbed for last time. Aww yeah.

Saturday Morning
Sarah Jane Smith, Doctor Who - By popular request, it's finally happening! No seriously, you have no idea how many people I've gotten telling me I need to do this cosplay and I'm totally jazzed to don these ugly and yet beautiful stripped overalls and run around.

Saturday Afternoon
Elizabeth, Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea - This is why I'm still making stuff for con because when did they release these images? Like yesterday and I'm just a crazy person. Whatever, it combines my love of Elizabeth with my total love of Rapture and I'm really excited for the shoot at the Atlanta Aquarium with this!

Sunday Morning
Lumpy Space Princess, Adventure Time - I have no words for how happy this is making me. LSP is pretty much my spirit animal. I made a trash bag shirt.

Sunday Afternoon
Misty, Pokemon - With an Ash and Brock. This is my absolute favorite costume to bring to cons because its such a good last day of convention outfit; very comfy but also a lot of fun and I still want to be Misty when I grow up.

I also ended up doing a lot of commissions year and made another set of Jedi robes and Bishop from X-Men, not to mentionLink and Dark Link (for serious I made armor and shit for these boys, you have no idea it's a good moment) and a funky version of Link so a shit ton of Link tunics basically. So it's been a busy precon season.

So who am I gonna see there? What are you dressing up as?

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